RASIKI • ラシキ

Tokyo Based Contemporary Artist|Photographer Performer | Image Maker

Born in 1986

I tried to express myself in many ways
I express myself with my body, contemporary dances I express myself with my camera, photographs I express myself with video camera, videos
I’m trying more media now, I’m constantly figuring it out and it’s always not enough
I am so hungry, I am eager to show you my original self, my whole self, my dark side, the wounds I have suffered, the message I want to convey
I’m still angry, I’m still dramatic, I’m still sad, I’m still overthinking, then I still have to create energy
This is the source of all my energy. Female Energy


  • Fine Art
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Contemporary Performance
  • Commercial
  • Fashion

more than 100 projects.

Born and raised in China, she studied ballet, contemporary dance, and choreography in high school and came to Japan to become an artist. During that time, she began taking photographs on her own. In 2018, she started her career as an artist in earnest and won the Public Award at ZOOMS JAPAN 2018, a French-Japanese Photo Awards organized by CP +. She is energetic in holding exhibitions not only in Japan, such as in Tokyo and Paris but also overseas and exhibiting at art fairs. She continues to create her works not only as a photographer, expressing herself through various techniques such as video and contemporary performance.

中国で生まれ育ち、高校時代からバレエ、コンテンポラリーダンスと振付を学び、アーティストを目指し日本へ留学。独学で写真を撮り始める。2018 年からアーティストとしての活動を本格的にスタートし、同年に CP+が創設した日仏連動のフォトアワード「ZOOMS JAPAN 2018」パブリック賞を受賞する。東京、パリなど国内にとどまらず海外での展示開催、アートフェアへの出展など精力的に活動。写真作家としてだけではなく、映像、コンテンポラリーパフォ−マンスなど多様な手法で表現し、進化を続けている。